Passionate about coffee
since 1965
For all tastes
Caffè Carlito coffee roasters was founded in 1965 in Locarno by Carlo Schillig, with a 12 kg eletric roaster. The business established itself thanks to the contribution from his father Karl and his brother Peter Schillig. In the early seventies, the production increased significally enabling the Schillig brothers to distribute all over the “Sopraceneri” area. Caffè Carlito is very much appreciated in the hospitality industry.
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The Losone-based company now operates throughout Switzerland. Now in its second generation and run by Carlo’s son, Daniele Schillig, it remains faithful to the same philisophy of high quality and artisanal coffee production.
13 unique blends
Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Tanzania.
Selection of fine coffee from different regions of the world.
Slow roasted aroma
The unique Caffè Carlito’s aroma is achieved by a careful selection of the best hand-picked coffee beans and by following the traditional slow roasting method.