at Caffé Carlito
We are a second-generation family business with big expectations for what we can achieve. We realise that as a corporate we have an impact on the stakeholders we work with and the communities we interact with and we have made it our mission to map this and to innovate and lead on sustainability practices, to have a positive impact on the planet and the people on it.
Our Commitment
We are completely realigning our business activities to meet and shape international standards of corporate social responsibility.
We recognise that traditional CSR is not sufficient to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), that is why we are focusing on our Net Societal Impact (NSI), the impact of the full spectrum of our business, including our products, operations, core capabilities, and activities. We believe that companies that aim to be sustainable in the long term need to ensure they create a net positive impact overall.
We believe that leveraging our core business, an approach that yields scalable and sustainable initiatives, will enhance total shareholder return over the long term by reducing the risk of negative events and opening up new opportunities.
Our Reporting
Starting in 2021, we will produce an annual sustainability report and also report closer on our Net Societal Impact (NSI). Reports will be published here for our community and stakeholders to take part of. Transparency is important to us so you should always feel free to reach out to us as well if you have any questions.
Our Transparency
We disclose the coffee supply chain — from bean to cup. We believe in increased transparency and support initiatives to help us increase this. That is why we have teamed up with Ourz. In doing so, we tell the story of the people behind and show real data on history, and the ecological footprint as well. A new kind of transparency that creates real trust among customers. Knowing where the coffee comes from, from whom, and when creates trust. Using Blockchain, a digital technology that makes information open and safe from manipulation we work towards greater transparency. Simply scan the QR Code on one of our specialty coffee bags and find out the true story behind the product.
Giving back to Communities
We wish to give back to the communities giving so much to us, that is why we are working with Daterra and their charitable foundation. Every time you purchase a bag of our sustainable coffee sourced directly from Daterra we give 1 CHF through their foundation to a project creating educational initiatives for kids in the cities around the farm aged 6 to 12 years. Through the project they learn about their environment and regeneration. It’s our way to give back to the community supplying our produce and to encourage them to continue their sustainable practices for many generations to come.
Our Partners
in Sustainability
We recognize that we are on a journey to be more sustainable and net impact positive which is why we partner with innovative organisations who can help us on this journey. Below you can read about our Partners in Sustainability.

Maanch™ is an impact-platform for philanthropy, impact investors and corporates, focused on delivering more impact per investment towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Maanch’s award-winning tech platform helps match,


OURZ = Transparent food – from field to fork! OURZ blockchain-based platform can provide direct and unbiased insights into the different stages of supply chains, both in real-time and retrospectively.

Daterra Foundation

Daterra Foundation is one of our charitable partners. We source our specialty coffee directly from their sustainable coffee farm and we give back to their community for every bag sold